MONSTER: A Poetic Recount of Sexual Abuse In “A Flower’s Envy”

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Here’s a poem by Annalisa Bahadur which documents, in poetic form, some of the horrors of sexual abuse. The violator snuck in like a “thief” and snatched away the dignity of his victim, as she struggled to avoid the inevitable. Her poem aptly expresses the depth of the anger and the struggle to avoid the traumatic event of being violated, but the “PIG” overpowers her. Shattered and torn, broken and completely devastated, the victim cannot comprehend the event. How does she pick up the pieces, her dignity on the floor? Can she ever?

Monster further explains what many women struggle with–the ability to overcome the pain and misery, the deep wounds, the long lasting scars, of sexual violation. She ends off the poetic recount by capturing the abuser in a “hellish cage”, trapped in his own destructive world, like a “PIG” as he “dig”, “dig”, “dig” relentlessly to free himself from his own demons. This scene, of the rapist being trapped in his own misery, helps to bring some justice to the victim, although she knows that there is no amount of punishment of the abuser that can give her back her innocence and dignity, or make her wholesome again. (A Review by Woman to Woman Blog Talk)

By Author Annalisa Bahadur

I smell your anger; you feel no pain.

I hear your breath from somewhere near.

Once my sanctuary, my room, my bed

you came into, messed with my head.

You raped my mind, my body thrown.

Soiled my life, happiness blown.

Relation we were, helpless curse.

Monster of monsters, my childhood’s worst.

I still see you on dark, dreary nights,

reminding me of all those times

you snuck in: a thief

a thief.

I try to wiggle out of your grasp,

stumbled many times as time lapsed.

You are with me, a constant pain

in all I do; your sick game.

Yet I hate you not for what you did.

In your hellish cage you will remain.

Be tormented, you miserable pig:




cowardly pig.

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