About the Author

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About Olivia J. Scott

Olivia J. Scott is a self-published book author, blogger, law school graduate, and former television broadcast journalist with a flare and passion for research and writing.

She is a self-made, specialized relationship writer, although she also writes about domestic violence and parenting. Proofreading and editing articles and blogs are part of her skill set.

Her background in journalism and her passion for coaching people on how to build strong, healthy, and happy relationships are the catalysts for her dedication to writing in this niche.

Scott is currently a five-star rated, freelance copywriter with a leading website copywriting agency. But, she is always hungry for more writing opportunities to develop her skills and influence positive relationship behaviors.

Her book, Battered Woman’s Dilemma: In a Struggle for Survival (which she also edited) is one of her greatest writing accomplishments to date.

The book was inspired by her passion for empowering women to live healthier, happier, and safer lives free from domestic violence. Her own experiences with domestic violence and constant stalking by her ex also inspired the book.

Scott is down-to-earth. She has a great sense of humor and a warm, charming, and sincere personality.  Her strict work ethics and self-discipline in meeting assignment deadlines make her a reliable and trustworthy addition to any team.